Thursday, August 09, 2007

QLab AppleScripts

Here are two scripts for QLab, a “media timeline program” primarily used for precise control of sound and video playback for the theatre.
Find Cue
- Searches for text in the frontmost cue list.
Reveal In Finder - Shows target file for the selected sound cue.
Edit Waveform - Opens the selected sound cue in a waveform editor of your choice. Currently Supported: Sound Studio, Audacity, and Pro Tools LE.

Download Here. And then PLEASE read the ‘Read Me’. It explains the nitty gritty. In brief, you need QLab 1.2 or 1.3 (I’ve tested this on the free version, please let me know about the other licenses). Included in the download is an installer to install the scripts in the Script Menu. Then when you select a sound cue in your Workspace, these scripts are available to you via that menu. You will also need to configure the AppleScript Utility to enable ‘GUI Scripting’ and turn on the Script Menu.

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